Monday, 30 January 2012


I've finally reached the milestone of my 65th birthday. From now on the government start to pay me for a change. All I have to do now is decide on a date for giving up work , whether full or part-time. It all depends on what the bank manager can offer when I see him later in the week. The photo was taken yesterday when Julia and the children (!) took me out for a birthday dinner at Waldringfield. A good time was had by all.


  1. Congratulations !!!! I still have 5 more years to go myself however the government in Canada is changing the retirement age to 67. I could officially retire when I am 59 but that's not going to happen. Good for you Joppy ... Jeff
    P.S. Were you able to PDF Big Wars?

  2. Not yet, as you will gather I was a little busy yesterday, but I have a week of now, so will be working on it, as well as a number of other projects. It should be available soon.

  3. Many happy returns Ian! I hope you enjoy your week off and have an enjoyable and fulfilling time .
    best wishes