Thursday, 24 March 2016

Toy Soldier Auction coming up

Because I sent a few items to auction some years I get occasional memos from the auctioneers about forthcoming sales. Today I have had notification of a Toy Soldier sale coming up next week, and thought I'd pass the information on for anyone who likes to keep track of this sort of thing.
The firm's website can be found at and the sale is listed as - Military, Civilian Figures, Equipment and Accessories - with the illustrated catalogue (mainly modern Britains) on line showing 796 lots. The prices don't seem too bad either, considering the amount of boxes listed in each lot. I was interested in the book values, and just wish that they had shown the titles more visibly, as a box of "... and other titles..." doesn't help. Again prices seem low. Mind you, it does make me consider how little my petty collection is really worth, certainly nowhere near what was paid for it. Ah well.

What other goodies could be lurking in these two boxes? If only they'd photographed them with the spines showing!

I've decided, I really must throw off this cold and stop wasting time sniveling in front of the computer. MrsJ has told me we ARE taking the caravan up to Nottingham for Easter, so I'd better enjoy it!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Shakespeare with a dash of humour

I came across a site done by a Shakespeare loving librarian yesterday, and spent a long time (too long) browsing her entries. One is reproduced below as an introductory piece.

I also enjoyed her serialisation of Hamlet, putting words of tunes from The Sound Of Music,  and am currently reading her version of Richard 11.

You will find her on please visit and have a chuckle (or two), she really cheered me up while I've had a stinker of a cold this week.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


Today is MrsJ's birthday. I won't embarrass her by saying which one, but it is also our 40th wedding anniversary. We shall be spending the day with our family, son cooking dinner for us all. I hope she enjoys her gifts, as she is very difficult to buy for. When asked what she wanted she said she needed a new pair of slippers!. I think I've done a bit better that that, though.