Sunday 10 April 2016

Announcement from Blogger Dashboard

The following has appeared at the top of my Blogger Dashboard over the last few days. As I'm not really techno-savvy it means nothing to me, but I publish it to let you all know it is there.

"Coming in late April! All visitors will be able to view your Blogspot domain blogs over an encrypted connection by visiting https://<your-blog> Existing links and bookmarks to your blogs will continue to work. As part of this change, the HTTPS Availability setting will disappear, and your blogs will always have an HTTPS version.

I hope you all know what it is talking about, as I haven't a clue.

We have just been enjoying the first good Sunday in a while, and I've been out in the shed track laying on the new model railway. Soon have a full circuit all powered ready to run the inaugural train. The aim is full track by the end of summer, then I can build the structures indoors over the winter. The population is already coming along. These are Charles Stadden 7mm figures. Older readers may remember his fathers range of military figures.