Monday 28 January 2019

Procrastination, and overcoming it.

I have a number of projects in the pipeline, with a list of models to make (military, naval and railway) as long as my arm, which don't appear to be progressing. I happened to catch an item on BBC Breakfast the other morning about research done recently into  why people procrastinate like this, and it was mentioned that some feel that unless they feel they can do a 'proper job' on something they can't start. This rang bells, as I often put off something because I don't think I can do it to my best efforts. So the job doesn't get started, or fall by the wayside half finished.

Recent scares on the heart scene have made me think of the time I have left to do these things, and that I shouldn't be sitting around trying to find motives to get on with them. Hence, over the last few days I've been in the shed digging out my military lead mountain and looking at it. I find I have quite a few things that have been sitting in boxes for years (literally) some for twenty or thirty!

A lot of them are 54mm figures, including a Langley artillery team, a Replica screw gun team and assorted cavalry figures. It's my intention to get on with these this summer and I have re-opened my painting table in the lounge with a set of Artists Rifles, an old Steadfast set that I obtained as castings and have had waiting since. More news of these later.


In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of the most recent unit I painted, which I see by the date on the bottom was 2016. They are from Brigadier of Australia, and though they no longer operate I was able to get the figures cast as a favour by the old owner. They are painted as the West Yorks Rifle Volunteers ,1862, to fit in with my Tetrarchy armies.
I hope to be more forthcoming in the future, feel free to remind me of that promise if I seem to be slipping.