Saturday 23 December 2023

Head wanted

 This last year I've had a very sparse hobby productivity, for various assorted reasons but we needn't go into those here. So bad has it been that I've had to make a resolution that next year I really must get on with things, and we know how new year resolutions turn out, don't we? 

Anyway, one of the projects I seem to have neglected is the production of figures in  54mm using readily avaliable figures, representing the various volunteer units of the Victorian and Edwardian era, which I seem to have neglected of late. I had a root round the shed and found a stash of castings from various makers, as well as Prince August moulds and lots of old Swoppet spare arms, heads and so on, so I have a start. Now to browse my reference books and get the old head working again.

What I do need, and don't seem to have, is a certain Britain's ACW head. If I recall it was only available in the gun team set, and is of a rider in a kepi with a full beard. The only one I remember. I've been looking online to see if I can get one, without success, so if anyone has one that they can loan to me then I can make a mould to cast my own as often as I like and produce figures of some of those well bewiskered gents seen in old photos. 

I'd be very grateful if one turns up.

In the meantime, Compliments of the season to you all, and may 2024 bring you all you desire.