Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

I hadn't got round to doing anything about New Year  Resolutions yet, apart from trying to decide what to do about retirement, so thought I'd better get something down (and they'll be in black 'n white, so I can check the lack of progress).
First, complete the build up two seperate forces for my 54mm Heptarchy. I've got most of one small force nearly complete (in castings, anyway, painting is going slowly - it's too cold in the shed and there's not much room on the table in the loungs corner, and the light's terrible) so I need to plan a second force and build some form of infrastructure (buildings and scenery) for games. I allready have the flat area outside the shed, about 8ft x 10ft, earmarked.
Second, I have had a part-built baseboard for a small model railway in the shed for a couple of years. It's time I completed it and built the layout.
Third, I'd like to try making a few of the 40's/50's era 50ft=1inch waterline warship plans (anyone remember Modelcraft Ltd) built and see if I can use them on the lawn. I think I've the ships for 'Sink the Bismark' if I use the Vanguard as Bismark.
On top of that I have quite a few 28mm figures to deal with, various general woodworking projects to see to, a 3ft pond yacht from the 50's to restore - as well as another project, still under planning-Will I have time to keep the blog updated.

Sorry, no pictures this time.


  1. Exciting plans I look forward to following them as they come to fruition...
    best wishes

  2. Gosh that's quite a diverse list of projects! I don't remember Modelcraft Ltd but I'd be fascinated to see how those waterline warship models turn out. Congratulations on the imminent retirement, I stopped work six months ago but where that time has gone I couldn't tell you, it just flys by.

    Best wishes, Brian