Thursday 23 July 2020

What do you wear when gaming?

While not being very active on the gaming front at the moment I do tend to keep up with my blog reading list, just to see what's going on and make the odd comment. It is interesting to see how frequent (or infrequent) some writers are. In the meantime I also check my facebook page daily, trying to ignore the various extraneous items that pop up, but one couldn't be resisted. Why the gods of facebook decided it would interest me I don't know, but here are some details.

The particular entry concerned a range of decorated T-shirts, and comes from America. The website is and they produce, among other items, T-shirts styled as military uniforms, varying from medieval to modern. The picture below is of their take on Nelson. As they are priced in US dollars I'm not sure how they cost out in the UK, but that can be discovered easily enough.

So now you can dress in the style of your game!, enjoy your browse of the site.