Thursday 26 June 2014


For those of you into garden naval wargaming, how about this one I came across last night? Over 100,000 bricks, weighs 14 stone, and 20 feet long. There are more detail photos on the builders flickr page that show the amount of work that has gone into it. Quite a few news reports appear on the listing when you google lego model hms hood.

Unfortunately it makes my poor 24 inch effort look pretty pathetic. I'm just in the process of fitting motor and battery, then off to the local pond for a try out. Only free running unfortunately, no radio control, so I forsee a lot of running about trying to catch her!

Another vessel, this time with radio, will be on the stocks soon. It's a choice at the moment between HMS Exeter at 28 inches, or HMS Vanguard at 25 inches. Perhaps I should ask for a poll?