Friday, 8 September 2023

Enormous model fleet for disposal.

 Philip Warren, who has spent 75 years building scale models of every ship in the Royal Navy since WW2, has decided to stop presenting his collection for display, usually in Nothe Fort, Weymouth, as it is getting too much for him to do the transporting, setting up and clearing out. He is looking for an institution to take on the collection, but I wonder where it could go, who would take on the job of care and maintenance, and would they be on view? 

I remember seeing his display some years ago, and it was remarkable. Although in only a small room I was there for a good couple of hours just enjoying the handywork and dedication, considering the models are all hand made (no frets) from matches or wooden matchboxes. I picked up a copy of his little booklet and still enjoy browsing the pictures.

Here's hoping there is a good outcome to the situation. 

Sunday, 4 June 2023

On Show

 For the first time in years I have managed to exhibit a model railway. Nothing grand, just a lockdown project based on a Peco 009 set track starter pack. While it got boring watching the train(s) go round and round all day I did get some interesting chats as the visitors tried to find all the little cameos. There were Red Riding Hood and the wolf, Alice and the White Rabbit, a flock of dodo's and a wolf in sheeps clothing, to mention a few. My collection of old Games Workshop 'Gothic Horror' figures came in handy, and other makers bits and pieces are there too.

Question is, what can I do for next year?

Tuesday, 11 April 2023

Life gives us a smack in the face.

After, what, three years, MrsJ came down with a cold. She was due to go into hospital for a new knee so phoned them up and the doc suggested that she'd be OK to go in, but take a lateral flow test in case. She came out positive so I had one with same result. Hence her op is called off and delayed goodness knows how long, and we have a week at home together!! I suppose it was Sod's Law at work. Neither of us feel like doing much so a lot of rubbish TV is being watched. Normal service resumes shortly.