Sunday 3 March 2019

A title to look out for

This book has just been flashed on my Amazon recommendations and I've put an order in based on the names involved. The writer of the introduction needs no introduction, as James Opie is a well known name in toy soldier circles, having a number of books on the subject to his name, a valuer for auction houses and a large collection of his own. The author, LUIGI TOIATI may not be so familiar. For many years he and his wife attended the London Toy Soldier Show with their stand of GARIBALDI & CO toy soldiers. Mainly of Italian subjects with an offshoot to the Jacobite Rebellions, these were delightful miniatures. He has evidently written a history of toy (and model)soldiers with passion and affection, with many little personal anecdotes of his own added. I look forward to browsing for many hours. My only hope is that there is not too much emphasis on Britain's and more on the many small makers that have been around.

While a little expensive at £40 I think this reflects similarly to the large volumes by Norman Joplin, James Opie and so on that are already available. Published on June 30th by Pen and Sword, 640 pages of nostalgia can be pre-ordered from your preferred dealer.  .