Sunday 31 May 2015

Who's On Holiday (1)

We are off to France for 10 days. A family group of myself and MrsJ, her twin sister and partner, her elder sister and husband over from Australia, and a family friend and wife, are all heading down to the Loire valley in a trio of caravans and one tent, for chateaus and wine. I am trying to lighten the load a bit by taking a Dr.Who action figure along and the idea is to get at least one photo a day with him in it, doing something related to the day. The results will be posted, providing I can get the internet access.

To start the ball rolling, here we have the interloper, Bill Who, with his brothers Pat and Tom, and his friend the Brigadier, all planning the journey.

We've travelled down to a small site in a pub garden, not far from the M20, and are spending the night here ready for an early morning trip to Dover and a ferry across to Calais. We'll see what he gets up to over the next few days.

Monday 11 May 2015

Another Item Ticked off the List

I'm catching up on half-started projects quite quickly now, though I don't have long. MrsJ has requested (told me) that I make a another small cupboard/dresser for use as a changing table for the new granddaughter. That's me in the garage for a few weeks again once we return from France at the end of May. The infantry rebasing goes on apace, a second unit is done and a third 25% done, but here is the subject of todays post.

HMS Exeter patrols the South Atlantic, waiting for the rest of the squadron to join her.

The model is as finished as she's going to be, and is quite adequate for battles out on the lawn. A bit rough when seen close up, so please don't enlarge the picture too far. The above is in modern colour, while below is the WW2 black and white version.Unfortunately, in neither version does the deck to hull colour difference stand out.

The other two ships are under construction now, while the Graf Spee is roughed out.I may be taking them in the caravan with me, though probably won't get any work done on them. (We'll be part of a family group of eight, so I've got to 'socialise'!)

Friday 1 May 2015

Book of the Month

It's about time I had another of these, and here's something I picked up at the local Co-Op store earlier in the week. They had one of those spinner things just inside the door, full of cheap local titles, you know the thing, 'Around here in old photographs', 'Ghost stories of this area', 'Orrible Crimes of the past', etc., and this one shone out at me.

Published back in 1988 by Terence Dalton of Lavenham, and written by a member of the Fortress Study Group, it covers the era from the first earthen 'bulwarks' thrown up to defend against the Armada in 1588 through to the pillboxes and machine-gun posts constructed to counter the threat of German invasion in the 1940s. Geographically it moves from the Wash down to the Thames and is extremely well illustrated with photographs, period art, and line drawings, while an appendix gives details of artillery sizes and ranges. Some of the smaller instalations would be ideal for our purposes.

I can see that I'll be studying this book avidly, and getting about the vicinity visiting some of the sites, "yes dear, we did come out for the sea air, but I just want to look at this old piece of concrete".