Saturday 30 March 2013

Spring is here!

Officially it is Spring here in the UK. Unofficially the weather is still undecided. We get days of beautiful sun followed by days when it tries to snow, all of them perishing cold. (It has been 3 degrees in my shed overnight lately). This is a photo of MrsJ admiring the gardens and cascade at Chatsworth House last weekend. When we went up there with the caravan on the thursday it was beautiful, we woke the following morning to this! As we'd pre-booked our tickets we drove across the hills from Newark to Chatsworth and back. Satu
rday we came back home, thankfully dual carriageway main road all the way, rather than stay up there the rest of the weekend.

Anyway, this post was originally to point you towards an update on my other blog, thegrandduchyofhumperstein.blogspot.  so please visit and comment. Suggestions welcome.

Saturday 16 March 2013

Military Figure Auction

As someone who has occasionaly sent stuff to this auction house, I get regular notifications of their next auctions. For those who like to indulge in some browsing I post a link to the one they will be holding on Friday March 22nd. This is a 'Military and Civilian Figures' sale, and includes various makes and types of toy soldiers and civilians in both metal and plastic, Airfix kits, waterline ship models, and books and ephemera. The last are usually sold in batches, so you have to possibly decide if you want a duplicate of something you already have in order to get a title you want. I do not comment on the estimates, but from past experience they are pretty accurate though some lots don't sell.

For those who have enquired, I am now feeling much nearer to normal now. Painting has reccomenced, I've been looking at the lead mountain (though not touching) and planning future aquisitions, while trying to sort out the various dynasties involved in the Heptarchy project. Things are looking up.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Little People

While browsing today I found this site, couldn't resist showing you this picture from it. I mailed the site details to my daughter and she liked the 'footprint in the snow' picture best! No accounting for taste. Visit and be amused.

Monday 4 March 2013

Book of the Month - Funcken

I can't seem to shake of this blessed chest infection I've had since January, but hope the better weather will help. So not a lot of model or painting activity going on. Meantime, here is another book from my shelves. This one is a little known member of the Funcken catalogue, I don't know if it ever appeared in an English edition.

The title is 'Les Soldats de la Revolution Francaise' and was published in 1988 by Casterman. It's not the usual format, being more of a landscape format than portrait, but we still get the illustrations on the right page, with text on the left.

French Line troops - in Tarleton helmets

                                                                     Semaphore tower

                                                                   and the Airforce

There are also some full page pictures of revolutionary unit flags of the time, and a small section on the loyalist 'enemies of the revolution'.Unfortunately the book needs rudimentary french and a good french-english dictionary, so isn't ideal bedtime reading.

please excuse the quality of pictures, I seem to have a glare from somewhere.