Saturday 21 December 2013

Compliments of the Season

Although I've been very lax and inactive for a while (getting a finger on the right hand caught between a hard piece of wood and a very sharp blade!) as I've had to visit the doc's surgery on a weekly basis, I have been keeping up with the various blogs I follow, gaining inspiration and planning next years projects, while trying to finish those from the current years schedule. Many thanks to the writers for their well appreciated efforts, I may not comment every time, but you do get read.

My Christmas card is a little different this year, as a little bit of nostalgia. This drink was a mainstay when we kids used to spend the school holidays being looked after by grandma while the grown ups were working. The taste was unique and I was always fascinated by the picture on the bottle. I read that the drink was originally produced at the armie's request as something quick and easy to produce when out in the field (what was wrong with tea, for goodness sake?)  I didn't realise it was still around (£1.70 from Tescos evidently), I must look out for it next time.
Unfortunately the label fell into the hands of the PC brigade, and it has had to be changed, first by removing the tray from the Sikh's hand, and finally to letting the two figures share the seating arrangements.
So, may you be overfed, overwatered, and not overworked during the next few days, normal service should be resumed in the new year.
ps. A Merry Christmas to Captain Widdrington, wherever his travels happen to have taken him at the moment. He seems to have forgotten to post any reports lately, I hope he hasn't been sidetracked by the various ladies heseems to meet!