Monday, 23 January 2012


I've  finally managed to finish of my initial unit of Rifle Volunteers. Some photos included. These figures are castings from GBE of Conningsby, and I started them some years ago. I'm not sure where the blue facings came from, but I seem to recall some idea of using them as 1815 Brunswickers! The paintings not brilliant, I need to practice my fine lines and colour seperation, but they are adequate. They are a 'Big Wars' unit of ten plus officer and mounted on a movement tray. One of the photos shows how they can be removed for open order or as casualties.

And here is A Battery RHA. Hopefully to be followed by B Battery complete with team of horses, (I.m trying to pluck up courage to start on it as I have a set of Langlay castings waiting). Also sitting on a movement tray for ease of shunting about, this unit has been hiding away, complete, in the loft, which is why it is not a volunteer unit.

p.s. I see that the photos are dated 01/01/2007, this is because
a) I'm using a small hand held cheap digital this time, rather than my SLR
b) I didn't realise there was a date setting until the photos appeared on the laptop.

I'm now working on a couple of light cavalry regiments, which will appear eventually. I do envy these people who can knock out a brilliantly painted unit in a metter of hours.  


  1. Very nice! Are the gunners GBE figures too?

    1. No, the gunners are part of the Langley range. Seperate heads, so they can be done as an assortment of styles.

  2. Splendid fellows indeed.I can't wait to see the cavalry.An excellent start to your forces!
    best wishes

  3. I forgot to say could you say a little more about the basing and movement trays?They are superb looking- where did you get them from?

    1. Homemade bases and moving trays from 3mm MDF (local diy superstore 4ftx2ft) chopped up initialy on my big table saw, then to size on Proxxon model saw. Edged with 3mm stripwood (local model shop). Undercoated with wood primer and top coat to fit.
      If I get round to it next week I'l try do a photo essay.

  4. Looking good, and I must say your painting is jolly nice too. I look forward to seeing the armies develop

  5. Nice work Ian, particularly the RHA. I'm not sure many people can knock out whole units in just a few hours (not in 54mm anyhow!) - I know I couldn't.

    Regards, Brian