Monday 18 August 2014

Early Naval Wargame

As some of you may be aware, another of my many interests is fretwork and the collection of old 'Hobbies' magazine designs. I've recently acquired a dozen from 1912 to 1918, and amongst them is the issue for June 7th 1913, which includes part one of a series called 'The Naval Wargame' by John English. Unfortunately I have no further parts, but can show you the pages for this one.

Reference is made to ".. H.G.Wells' articles in the December and January numbers of The Windsor " and that readers will no doubt have been bitten with the desire to try his game" it states that land warfare in miniature needs much setting out and preparation and that Wells' game makes no provision for infantry fire. 
Then onto the naval game proper.

The ships are made from appropriate pieces of wood, the scale depending on space (indoors or outdoors), and it is interesting that the ships have different speeds (in inches per minute) depending on type. For example, HMS Lion is 14in per minute, while HMS Duncan is 9and a half inches per minute. Turning circle radius is the length of the ship.

Unfortunately that's as far as part one goes. I shall be sending the magazine on to John Curry for his project, and he may be able to find the missing episodes. Of course, if any of my readers know more, please let me know.

After a hectic summer doing 'family' and garden type stuff, hopefully I can get back to my other
(more important) hobbies now the weather is changing?