Monday 20 May 2013

Rested and Recuperated

Well, we're back from our 10 day sojourn around France. We thought our convoy of three caravans along the French roads was bad enough (try keeping station when your tail-end Charlie and get caught at every red light going!) but one site we stayed at had 8 motorhomes running a 'Doggy Tour of France' - I kid you not, they had a sign to say so.

Anyway, apart from shopping, (how can you visit supermarkets three days out of four?) I managed to squeeze in one or two of the D-Day sites, Juno Beach, Arromanches and Mulberry Harbour, and Pegasus Bridge. Will have to go back - alone - soon to cover the rest. We had a trip to Caen, but that was more shopping. Even MrsJ was a bit fed up with it by then. I did get a walk round the outside of the castle.

I had hoped to do some painting, even made a gadget for it, but the rest of the party were socialisers full time, so I only managed about an hour all told, before they rose in the mornings. I now have a batch of half painted figures to complete.
This sits at the front of the van on the small flap between the seating. Good light but bad sitting position. When travelling it goes on the floor at the front, when not in use it sits on the bed. It will be coming out again soon.

When we got back our daughter phoned to say that while we were away she'd got engaged. Long time boyfriend, so no problem.


  1. A change is as good as a rest, as they say. Even if most of it was shopping. Nice little set-up with the painting tray btw...good idea.

  2. Glad holiday went well and great news re your daughter.

  3. Just as well you weren't tempted to paint whilst driving! However, if it was me I'd be staying in the van painting whilst the missus did her site seeing in the supermarkets. Don't you have supermarkets in Pommyland? James O

  4. James, we do have them, and don't visit nearly as often. Evidently these were group visits and I had no opt-out clause! One of the visits was supposed to be a drop-in so I could pick up a breadloaf, ended up with the other couples spending too much on wine (£140 and £104 respectively, the other two visits were similar, on top of a day long trip round 4 'caves' to buy direct) MrsJ and I reckon that about £1000 was spent between them, more than we use in a few years. One couple is going back in October to 'top up'!

  5. Congrats on the engagement news. That painting tray is superb, it looks exactly like the sort of things my father used to make for the caravan (some shelving and a storage box spring to mind) and is even painted the same colour,a pleasingly 50's kitchen hue.