Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Military Observers - Part 2

I've dug out a suitable figure from my collection. One that I know isn't around too much. He is a constable of the RCMP in the late 1800s, mastered for me as a kit by Keith Over of Whittlesey Miniatures a long time ago when I 'did' a toy soldier range. I think I only sold a couple at the time, though I still have a few kits left which I hope to use eventually. I see that I painted this one back in 2003.
I hope to get a note up on the FLW forum as well, so that interested parties can put their two penn'orth into the equation.

This is Captain Sir William Widdrington of Her Majesty's Observer Corps, on his mount 'Trumper' ( he really should be kept out of the brussel-sprout fields). His passport is ready, paperwork produced and suitable transport prepared. Soon he will be on his way to his first posting (pun intended). I hope he will have a wide and varied journey. It will be interesting to see where his travels take  him.


  1. Joppy a special place lies in my heart for the RCMP. I have cousin who enlisted in the force in 1967. He made it all the way to Warden in a penitentiary here in Canada. He is now retired. The thing I love about the RCMP is their uniform. It's second to none in my opinion ... Jeff

  2. We look forward to seeing him in the Duchy of Tradgardland very soon I hope...