Monday, 20 May 2013

Military Observers

Just a thought I throw out for consideration and response.

One of my other hobbies is railway modelling (not that I get much done) and one of the groups I follow have been sending a wagon round, photographing it on the various layouts it visits.

I wondered if there would be any interest in my sending out a figure (54mm, Victorian) to act as Military Observer at various sites occupied in Funny Little Wars style operations. If I were to send him to the first, he could be photographed in some situation and passed on to a site of visitee's choosing, and so on, eventually returning to me. His progress could be followed through the various blogs, and I could keep a diary running as to where he is.

Any thoughts?


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    1. As first responder you should really be in line for a visit, but I don't have a snailmail address for you. I do have one for Alan (reply 3, below) so I hope you don't mind me sending the chap to him first?
      There really should be a way of finding out these things, so if you PM me on I'll get you listed.

  2. I don't do FLW per se, at least not at home, but MacDuff would be honoured to take an observer into the field in Nkukuland

    or against those nefarious Blues .


    1. If you read my reply to Tim (above) same applies.

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    1. I'll try getting him off before the weekend. See next post on blog.