Sunday, 5 May 2013

Holiday coming up

MrsJ and I, along with some friends, are disappearing on Monday for 10 days in Northern France. The laptop is going with us, but contact depends of wi-fi operation and time available. In the meantime chez Joppy is in the care of our daughter and the beast of Sudbury!

This pony is only a pup, with but two thoughts, "play" and "slobber", and his tail is lethal to anything at coffee table height. Daft as a brush, and you need to wash your hands on a regular basis, as he drools over everything and everyone..

See you on the 20th of May.


  1. Welcome to France!
    A *pup*? How much will he weight when adult? ^-^

  2. Hope you have a nice time and the weather is kind to you.

  3. Bon voyage, monsieur. Amusing photo, only her calm demeanor indicates the beast isn't engaged in a brutal attack.