Wednesday 7 October 2020

Enquiry about Mould firm

 Just a quick enquiry. I'm after some 54mm moulds that were available last year from a firm called Miniature Molds. Their internet existence seems to have disappeared. Can anyone say if they are still trading or changed name? If so can I have contact details.

I'm after some of their British Napoleonic moulds, which look like Airfix figures, so they may have had copyright problems. I know, back in the day, I got permission from Airfix to do recasts, but they have changed hands since and, although I still have the authorisation letter, the new owners may not look kindly, even though I only want them for personal use. My old moulds have deteriorated and been disposed of and I don't need the hassle of making new ones.

Thanks for any help you can give. It is appreciated.


  1. Unfortunately the owner passed away. They were one of my main mould suppliers and where I bought my first melting pot and mould making putty.

    I believe the moulds have been sold and some will eventually be for sale again but I'm not sure. Dutkins Lil Army moulds have been sold to the Dunkin co and are being slowly rereleased from their site.

    1. I thought something like that might be the case. So many of the 'New Toy Soldier' makers have gone that way.

  2. There is a Homecasting Facebook site that might interest you.