Saturday 24 October 2020

A Long Term Winter Project

 Having persuaded myself that it is too cold in the shed to do much railway modelling I have looked back into batch of kits I bought from my project book to find something to occupy myself indoors over the winter months. Among my old ideas is a collection of 54mm conversions from old Britains figures, depicting the various Victorian Rifle Volunteer and Yeomanry regiments of the UK. This will be on top of the pile of kits I have outstanding from the Tradition range.

In order to get on with it I took the plunge and ordered a mould making pack from Alec Tiranti. It will sit staring at me daring me to get on with the job.

So, I took a figure I bought cheap some years ago at the London Toy Soldier Show, and stripped it down. Once the paint was off it became obvious that it was a conversion, so I didn't feel too bad about removing the paint. The gaiters had been filled in to make full trousers, while a new head had been fitted.

Once stripped I removed the original base and stuck the casting onto a 2p piece, filling the face and smoothing it off (can't have the origin showing) and the figure is ready for the mould making experience.

Once moulded and cast it will give me a nice basic figure to build up the equipment and so forth. I will be able to rebuild the trousers for those figures that require them and I can fit any of an assortment of headgear required. According to my references these vary from the standard rifles shako through pill box hats to a Bersagliari style hat. 

I already have a few figures made from the Fort Henry Guard, and that figure will appear again. Possibly with different heads.

That's the start of things. I'm currently painting a sample figure for a new unit, watch this space for pictures when it's ready. Mind you, it's half term next week, and grandchildren sitting (their hardly babies now) takes precedence. I'll also pop down my thoughts on cavalry figures to come. 


  1. Great start, can’t wait to hear more...

  2. An excellent winter project. I look forward to seeing more of your castings.

  3. Hi Joppy- I'm looking forward to see the results of your Winter Project. There is a lot of fun to be had Mold Making and Casting. Regards. KEV.