Wednesday, 30 September 2020

The old and the new

 Just to show that I have shaken of my lethargy I'm showing a couple of photos I took today. First up I have a model from my display cabinet that I made many years ago from an old 'Men at Arms' kit. It is of a US cavalryman in full dress uniform. What I found interesting about the figure was that it was of a coloured conscript. Not something normally seen. Though quite why he should be stood in front of Orford Castle I have no idea. Please ignore the date (if I don't mention it someone will!) but it seems I need to reset my camera.

I'm really putting it up as a tribute to MGB's blog, Wargaming with 54mm toy soldiers.

Second up is a figure cobbled together from assorted Langley castings and is supposed to represent a trooper from the North Suffolk Hussars. Hopefully the precursor of others, as I have a few of these bits and pieces, and my 'go to' reference book shows a variety of similar uniforms in various colour schemes.

That's it for now, have fun, stay safe.