Friday, 16 October 2020

Forthcoming Auction.

 For my sins (I once put some toy soldiers into one of their sales) I receive occasional updates from the auction house Vectis, who specialise in toys and related ephemera. The latest, which arrived in my inbox today, has a collection of fire engines (Oct 20th), Matchbox and modern die-cast (Oct 22nd), model trains (Oct 23rd) and on October 27th; a sale of 'books and works on paper'.

A quick look shows that this includes  Science fiction and fantasy, Israel history and culture, space, humour and cartoon books - and military history. The latter has some 30 lots (I may have miscounted) and if you are interested in seeing what is on offer (with initial price guides) you can go to the Vectis website, find the appropriate forthcoming auction then look at the section of interest. Here you will get a picture of each lot, normally in cardboard boxes that don't appear to be too specific in selection. An enlargement view lets you investigate some of the titles and conditions. I did notice and box labelled as from the collection of Andrew Rose (those of us of an age will recognise the name from the toy soldier world). 

I had a good look round the lots, and saw some books of interest to me, but they were mixed with others I don't need. Also, MrsJ tells me I have too many books, so I won't be bidding.

Have a good browse, it might give you ideas on the worth of your own collection.

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