Saturday 9 January 2016

The Year to Come

I notice other bloggers are posting their hopes and desires for 2016, so thought I'd do the same. Mainly a desire to finish previously started projects, with the occassional introduction of something new. One thing I do want to do is a weekly entry on here, rather than the hit and miss efforts to date. So each Saturday I will try review progress.

I'm hoping to restart my 54mm forces, and have the idea of using some Fort Henry castings in my pile as the basis for some generic infantrymen. This means getting back into mould making (a-la Prince August) and drop casting. These will only be for my use, so quality doesn't have to be brilliant, just good (I hate the 'that'll do' school of thought, even if I do use it myself occassionaly).

I heave a couple of large boxes in the loft containing some "All The Queen's Men" figures of Derek Cross, from the 1990s, which have never been displayed. These include the charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo, Marshal Ney and the Retreat from Moscow among others. I shall be sending these off for auction sometime. James Opie has a post at a new auction house and I'll be getting in touch.

My 28mm Humperstein forces of the 1800s are growing slowly. This will continue at a steady rate.

I'm hoping to get a readers pass for the British Library and spend a day or so in London researching the Hobbies Naval Wargame I mentioned in 2014. All other enquiries so far have met with a dead end.

There are still a couple of working model boats to finish off. HMS Devastation, at 24inches long, and a harbour launch (Dean's Marine kit) at about 18 inches long; and the model railway will continue to grow. Track laying to start as soon as it is comfortable to work in the shed.

How much of this will happen is anybodys guess. I'll keep you updated. In the meantime, have fun in your own individual ways, and keep me entertained as you usually do.


  1. Lots of Projects IAN...certainly keep you going and on the move- and this is good. KEV.

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