Tuesday, 1 November 2011

List of Commanding Officers

After last weeks post about Colonels and Brigade Officers I now have a list.

Cavalry Division - Commanding Officer - Lord Emsworth
Light Brigade - Sir Trevor Howard
1)Lincolnshire Yeomanry - Colonel Bantry
2)Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles - Colonel Easterbrook
Heavy Brigade - Sir Harry Andrews
1)County of London (Westminster) Dragoons - Colonel March
2)Lanarkshire Yeomanry - Colonel Pickering

Infantry Division - Earl of Ickenham
1st Brigade - Sir James Saville
1)  1st City of Norfolk Rifle Volunteers - Colonel Danby
2)  3rd Volunteer Battalion, Norfolk Regt.- Colonel Preston
2nd Brigade - Sir Terence Pratchett
1)  2nd Volunteer Battalion, Suffolk Regt.- Colonel Moran
2)  1st Volunteer Battalion Suffolk Regt.  - Colonel Stark

Artillery Brigade - Sir Terence Milligan
1)  1st Cadet Battery, Norfolk   - Colonel Hawke-English
2)                                              - Colonel Protheroe

Support Services                        - Colonel Crock

I haven't yet decided all the infantry or artillery units to have, so the names are currently blank. The cavalry will eventually be replaced with local units when I have the appropriate type of figure.

Have fun working out where the various Colonel's come from (all are from radio, TV or novels)

I have reserved Sir Bruce Forsyth and SirWilliam Connolly for the Scottish brigades when they materialise.

To end with, a couple of photos from a recent trip to the Maginot line.   One of the gun embrasures and the field of view from the observation point (probably wouldn't have been so covered in vegetation when in use)  

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