Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Book Suggestions

I know I promised some background to my alternative British Isles this time round, but I'm still working on the fundamentables, si that will have to wait. In the meantime, here are details of a couple of book titles that I've seen reviewed and have booked from the local library.
1. Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies, which is an 'examination of half-forgotten duchies, kingdoms, empires and republics, providing an original and surprising perspective on Europe's history'. Should be an interesting read.
2. The Sleeping Army by Francesca Simon. A novel set in  world where Christianity never happened, so Britain never stopped worshipping the Norse and Anglo-Saxon gods, hence the state religion, headed by the Queen, is Wodenism - and nobody is called Christopher. I think it's meant to be a children's 'fantasy' title, but that never stopped me before.
Knowing our local library I may have to wait some weeks.

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  1. I have browsed the novel in the National Museum of Scotland ( where there are Lewis Chess pieces on display in all their glory) and it looks fun. The author wrote the ever popular Horrid Henry Books.
    I await background with interest. By the way how is painting and uniform planning going?
    best wishes