Wednesday 26 October 2011

Regimental Colonels Names

Sorry, no pictures this time, I've been far too hard at work, coming home and sleeping quite a lot of the evening away.

I have been busy buying referencxe books from the internet, and deciding which units of the various volunteers I shall be using for the main parts of what I'm beginning to think of as 'Army Grey' as that seems to be the basic uniform colour for the infantry. I shall be looking out for castings of appropriate figures when I go to the Toy Soldier Show in December but in the meantime I've placed an order with Langley for an assortment of casting to replace the broken figures in my collectrion, and to 'top-up' the regiments to full strength.

I'm working on the Order Of Battle at the moment (when I;m awake) and have Regiments commanded by Colonels. These will all be named and I'm using the names of fictional Colonels. So far I've made a list of 27, without even consulting any Military novels. These come from various sources, with Conan Doyles Holmes stories and Agatha Christies 'Miss Marple' stories contributing a good selection. Remember Colonel Protheroe?.

The Brigades will be overseen by Brigadier Generals, and these are being approached in a slightly different way. I'm using the lower ranks of British aristocracy as inspiration, and they will all be 'sirs' from recent lists. Sir Alan Sugar, Sir Norman Wisdom, and (though he wasn't a sir as far as I know, Sir John Ravenscroft - Margrave of the Marches.

A long way to go yet, perhaps some pictures next time.

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