Wednesday, 16 November 2011

References and Recruitment

I thought I'd show a couple of photos of some reference books I'm using to base my various army uniforms on. This first one is a splendid general overview of the main European armies throughout the 19th century, and I think the illustrations have a lovely 'toy soldier' look about them.

Second we have just three of my small collection concerning the various volunteer forces. I've practically worked out the order of battle for a small division using these units, and am currently trying to source figures with a particular headgear for a couple of them. No one seems to make exactly the right sort of straight-sided peaked cap that I'm after. I shall be going to the Toy Soldier show on Dec.3rd to try direct research.

Next. a picture of the figure I picked up on e-bay recently. This is a little worse for wear, but when i've got the paint off  and rebuilt a plume I shall be painting it as Grand Duchess Gloriana, in a grey based uniform suitable for the armies theme.

Meanwhile, in the shires, recruitment goes on. The recruiting sergeant has been out with his shillings dragging in the willing and unwilling. These three figures are based on a painting by the artist Colin Carr, and were mastered by Kieth Over of Whittlesey Miniatures some years ago.

The final photo is of Mr William Freese-Greene, official photographer for the 'Daily Messenger'. This little chap and his bulky camera get everywhere, and we'll see some of his work later. He has got a small Ford T which he uses to get about but it doen't appear in the photo.

While I wait for a delivery of troops to paint I'm catching up with a few of the personality castings I have lying about. Currntly on the painitng table are Ashenden and Altamont, the spies, with their boss M. If we're lucky we may get a picture, but they do like to be discreet.

I shall follow this up with Mr Llanfanihagel Penbedw, newly elected President of the Republic of Wales.

Next time I'll try give a little background on our alternative little Island and its make-up, politics, and of course, it's little arguments.

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  1. Splendid figures,tantalising suggestions of background and excellent reference books...
    Can't wait for more info. You do indeed seem to be having fun.