Saturday, 8 September 2012

HMS Glatton

You first saw her in embryo back in July, now after various distractions HMS Glatton is finished in all her glory. Although the overall impression is good I'm not too happy with the finish, and the painting could have been neater. I think the model does capture the character of those old ironclads, and now she needs an opponent. HMS Hotspur will be on the slips shortly.

There should be more davits and boats scattered about, but I thought they might get damaged in use, so ignored them. I may put a bit more 'clutter' on the foredeck eventually, as it looks a bit bare as it stands.


  1. In my view, a fine vessel. Purpose built for wargames it will look a bit stark, but a way to deal with that problem is to build a fleet. Seriously. A thought, though, that might go some way to answering what some might consider to be too minimalist a look: how about bunting? An ensign at the jack and a commissioning pennant would set the ship off very nicely without compromising her robustness.

  2. Nice to see your back modelling!!!
    She's a fine vessel. I agree with Ion she should fly some colors >>> Jeff

  3. Ion and Jeff, I agree that she needs an ensign at least. I will try to think of an appropriate message for her to fly, if I can work out the flags needed.