Saturday, 29 September 2012

Back to normal

Well we've returned from our sojourn in Wales, which lived up to its reputation, as we had three days of the wettest rain for a long time. Sounded like the jungle drums on the caravan roof. MrsJ had expressed a desire to go up Snowdon even though she has a fear of heights. Because of the weather we went by the rack railway. A one hour trip, with 30 minutes at the top before another hour down. Our train was cancelled as we were the only two waiting for it, so we took the free coffee and waited for the next one.

This is MrsJ just outside the summit visitors centre. I couldn't persuade her the last few 30 feet to the top as 'there's no hand rail'. The trip up was memorable, squashed in like sardines and the view shrouded by mist, apart from a few stretches that showed what a good day could have been like.

This was the view from the summit. Believe it or not you're supposed to be able to see other countries from here. All we got was in impenetrable grey blanket.

We came home a couple of days early, so I was able to put finishing touches to my little gaming model of HMS Hotspur, matching the recent HMS Glatton.

She still needs boats (yes, and some bunting), but a couple more of these and I can have a small skirmish.

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  1. when we went up Snowdon 3 years ago the weather was very similar - annoyingly the next day was sunny and clear, only a small and exclusive club has seen the summit on a nice day I think !