Wednesday 12 October 2011

More Filling in the Backstory

I spent Sunday morning sifting through more boxes in the loft. It seems I have saved more than I thought, mostly 54mm stuff with a lot of unpainted castings. Mainly infantry figures with a few unrelated cavalry pieces. If I top up the collection I should have enough to make up a small force so it looks like my first project will be a part of my large scale plan.

My intention is to build up an army using only the uniforms of the various Volunteer and Yeomanry units of the Victorian era, hence the prescence of the Lincolnshire Yeomanry for starters. I also have a unit of Rifle Volunteers half painted from previously, GBE castings, and am finishing them off at the moment. Photos to follow when they are finished.

I have names for the C-in-C of this force and his staff. The Duke of Rothesay is in overall charge, with the Earl of Carrick as his Quartermaster General and the Earl of Chester as Attorney General. It is said that these three are so alike in thought and temperament that any one of them can speak for the others.

Also, among my fretwork bits and pieces I have a number of Hobbies model plans, some going back to the 30's, and among them are a number of forts, castles and farmyards, as well as a three foot long model of Buckingham Palace. The latter I think would be ideal as a backdrop for 'parade' style photo shoots.

Photos will follow after I've practised with my camera a little more, in the meantime here is a page from my (30 year old) notebook.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your soldiers - sounds good .

  2. A good plan and it was excellent to see the page from your notebook.I too lool forward to seeing your soldiers...
    best wishes