Friday 30 September 2011

Some of the old stuff

current painting table contents
some very early conversions, all based on the same Britains ACW figure
Langley lancers painted as Lincolnshire Yeomanry and unknown castings of Fort Henry Guard

Hopefully, if this works, you should see some pictures of some of my old figures. I obviously need to work on my photography skills.


  1. Welcome to the blogoshere and the online wargaming/toy soldier community. The Fort Henry Guard were originally Britain's, one of the few sets of the "real thing" I had back in the 60's. Soldierpac included a casting in their range in the '90's so they may have come from there.

    Here's one of my blogposts you might enjoy.

    Ross Mac

  2. Welcome to the hobby and to blogging.I have finally got thru to your blog having seen mention of it via OSW...
    I wish you every joy of your new,old hobby!
    best wishes
    Duchy of Tragardland