Sunday 7 June 2015

Who's on holiday (7)

We're getting towards the end of the trip now. Another change of venue,travelling for the morning  to Beaugency, and another site on the edge of the river, with a view of the 11th century town bridge, 23 arches long it was an important crossing during the hundred years war. At the end of the bridge is the 11th century watchtower, now ruined and part of the Chateau, once home of Jean de Dunois a comrade of Joan of Arc.

The afternoon was spent in a walk across the bridge and exploring the town, finishing with a visit to the Chateau.

The Chateau is recently re-opened after a long restoration, and has a number of rooms decorated in the medieval style. The town also has a medieval clock tower and many old houses. I believe it was here that Eleanor of Aquitaine had her marriage to the French King, Louis the umpteenth, leaving her free to marry Henry the second. I never cease to be astonished that so much of the history in this area should be tied to that of my own country, even though I know we owned much of it in early days.

Of course, his nibs came along, and spent some time looking round the bedroom of Charles, Duc d'Orleans.

Tomorrow we start on our way back home, but not until the afternoon. So in the morning MrsJ and I will go a little further, to the next town (Meung-sur-Loire), where, because we visited the Chateau here we will get into that one at reduced price. 

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  1. Splendid bridge and I await more of his nibs tomorrow.