Saturday 6 June 2015

Who's on holiday (6)

After a short stop,we're off to our next site at Beaugency, still on the Loire, but before we do the others in the party want to do their own things for the morning. Our Ausie couple want to go try some canoeing on the river (they run a similar business down under) while the other two couples want to do some more wine buying. MrsJ and I decide to stay around and walk along the river bank for a view of the Chateau of Chenonceau. One of the outstanding examples of its like, you'll find its picture used to illustrate many of the guides to the area. It's the one that has a large wing built on a bridge over the river. Naturally, Bill Who wanted to come with us.

The part over the river is one long corridor and was used as an indoor walk area. Here's a photo of the inside from a few years ago.

An interesting aspect of this building is that it is obviously unfinished, and was intended to reach the other bank. This can be seen by looking at the ends of the walls, where the mouldings break of half finished.

On our walk back Bill complained that his legs were tired and we stopped for a short rest.

Once everyone was back at camp we had a quick lunch then off again.Until tomorrow

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  1. Brings back memories of a holiday more than thirty years ago!