Sunday, 8 February 2015

HMS Exeter - progress

My modelling style is 'very slow', hence the relatively poor progress on my little flotilla. However, I have got a few months before they are needed - (thank goodness, son and partner have just requested I make a cot and changing cupboard for a new arrival due in April. Here is the latest photo, showing the Exeter at present. Only masts, boats and secondary armament to go now.

I have managed to get hold of a copy of this book

which is the same age as the plans I'm using, (late 1940s) and it includes a number of ship plans from HMS Hood to destroyers.  The methods used are superior to my 'hack and glue' ways, and include methods of making the turrets rotate and guns elevate. Perhaps next time? Mind you, according to the original instructions on the plan, all you need are a sharp pocket knife, a fine bradawl, a small saw, a light hammer and a small file.

My main preoccupation now is, do I put the ships on flat bases as shown, or leave them off, as was the practice in those days. Decisions! decisions!


  1. Very clean build. It looks fantastic and from the look of it, you're well on your way.