Saturday, 30 March 2013

Spring is here!

Officially it is Spring here in the UK. Unofficially the weather is still undecided. We get days of beautiful sun followed by days when it tries to snow, all of them perishing cold. (It has been 3 degrees in my shed overnight lately). This is a photo of MrsJ admiring the gardens and cascade at Chatsworth House last weekend. When we went up there with the caravan on the thursday it was beautiful, we woke the following morning to this! As we'd pre-booked our tickets we drove across the hills from Newark to Chatsworth and back. Satu
rday we came back home, thankfully dual carriageway main road all the way, rather than stay up there the rest of the weekend.

Anyway, this post was originally to point you towards an update on my other blog, thegrandduchyofhumperstein.blogspot.  so please visit and comment. Suggestions welcome.


  1. Officially it is autumn here in Kiwiland. Yet we are still getting warm afternoons and evenings, to such an extent I'm forced to knock about in T-shirts. A light dusting of rain last night - the first in weeks - otherwise low cloud in the ack emma keeps things tolerable cool for that part of the day.

    Christchurch's degree of southern latitude is about the equivalent of that of Marseille, Florence, Alma Ata and Detroit, north of the equator. I wonder what the weather is like in those places in late September?


  2. The joys of British weather indeed...

  3. It's quite amazing that, here in East Anglia we can get glorious sunshine, start the gardening, and then it starts to snow! Thankfully we didn't get much, just enough to push us inside again. It does seem to be getting warmer though. - at last.