Sunday 4 November 2012

On The Desk Today

It's pouring with rain outside, I'm suffering from bunged up nose, runny eyes and throaty cough, so don't feel like doing anything excertive. Just thought I'd post a picture of my painting desk as it is this morning.
This holds two 54mm FLW regiments, one cavalry one infantry, a batch of based mounted commanders from the Great Wars Crimean range who will be the General Staff for my 28mm Grand Duchy of Humperstein army, a batch of Foundry ACW artillerymen in shirtsleeves who will end up as Engineers for same, and an assortment of civilians from various makes to act as politicians and bystanders. I haven't painted anything this small for years, so it will be interesting to see how I get on. I'm not a fan of 'black lining' (my hand shakes too much) and I prefer gloss finish. Pictures eventually.


  1. Splendid picture full of loads of interesting things to see.I am most excited by your 28mm project too.What rules are you going to use for them?
    Are you starting to work towards the FLW centenary celebration event yet?
    best wishes

  2. Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure about the rules. I'll probably take a mixture of Charge and Black Powder with a pinch of whatever else takes my fancy. That's the project for the long dark nights this winter.
    My full oparticipation in the FLW centenary looks a little up in the air at the moment. The extended family are planning a trip to France around that time. Dates not settled. I keep my fingers crossed though.

  3. Your bench is a lot neater than mine these days. I have way too much on the go real life has put hobbies on hold ... Jeff

    1. Its too small to be otherwise. Unfortunately this is the tip of a large iceberg, and as you say, real life gets in the way. The table still looks much the same.