Friday 11 May 2012

Some 40mm (?) Cavalry

During a ransack of the shed earlier this week while looking for something I came across a small box containing three drop casting moulds and the pictured figures. Now, these must be about 20 years old, and I'd forgotten all about them. I remember commissioning them from a gentleman calling his business 'The London Garrison', when I attended one of the London Toy Soldier Shows, intending them to be the first of a range.
Unfortunately I never followed up, and these two, plus a standing figure in undress with swagger stick, were the only ones I cast up and painted (I notice the varnish is turning a bit yellow with age), and as I say, they were cast into the back of a cupboard.

The problem is, I don't know what to do with them now I've found them. I'm not even sure they are 40mm, though they are larger than 30mm and smaller than 54mm. I don't want to start a fourth scale collection, as economically it's unfeasable, so what can I do. Suggestions, on a (theoretical) postcard, please.


  1. Size wise 40mm seems to cover several style. The Iregular 42mm range along with STS are a larger style supposedly based on Britain's W range. The Germanic Heydes and Meisterzinn are more 45mm

    Left behind are the Elastolin plastic and Zinnbrigade homecast and Scrubies from the 1950/60's which are considerably smaller. Is it possible that these were meant to go with these figures? A comparison shot beside Irregular cavalry would be useful.


  2. Unfortunately, to do that I'd have to have so0mething to compare them too. Perhaps I might invest in an Irregular cavalryman, just for the once (?) though that way lies financial ruin!

    1. or perhaps photograph him up against a ruler? I'd hate to push you too far into financial ruin!