Monday 5 March 2012


For the last two weeks I've been spending time sitting on the sofa, breathing heavily and getting nothing done. The slightest movement seems to set me off into a heavy coughing spasm and I'm getting really p****d off with it. I can use my keyboard though, so thought I'd try adding a header picture to my blog. It hasn't worked as well as I wanted, but it adds more interest. The picture is actually a group of Staff Officers from the North London Yeomanry Brigade of 1900.

In the meantime, I continue to fight a cyber-battle over the e-mails, with Alan as my oponent and Brian as umpire and hardworking umpire. After all, he does all the hardwork of moving, dicing, ruling success (or failure) and sending us photos and detaqils of the results while we just e-mail our moves.

Hopefully I'll be ready to pick up a paintbrush again soon, then I can get on with things.


  1. Yup, that sort of thing gets tiresome. I hope you feel better soon.

    It is a nice header btw, I had a long fight with mine to get it anywhere close to what I wanted.

  2. I'm most vexed to hear of your current ill health.I do hope things improve very soon. I am very much enjoying our current game - a splendid affair indeed.
    The header photo is terrific- where did you get it from?

    best wishes


  3. Thanks for the good wishes. It's a b*****r of a chest infection that just won't go away. I see another doctors visit coming on.
    The photo is one from a company called D.P.&G. of Doncaster, who specialise in pictures of the British Army. They have innumerable photos, artwork, pamphlets and books. Many of which cannot be found elsewhere. Their website is worth a browse.