Sunday 4 June 2023

On Show

 For the first time in years I have managed to exhibit a model railway. Nothing grand, just a lockdown project based on a Peco 009 set track starter pack. While it got boring watching the train(s) go round and round all day I did get some interesting chats as the visitors tried to find all the little cameos. There were Red Riding Hood and the wolf, Alice and the White Rabbit, a flock of dodo's and a wolf in sheeps clothing, to mention a few. My collection of old Games Workshop 'Gothic Horror' figures came in handy, and other makers bits and pieces are there too.

Question is, what can I do for next year?


  1. Delightful in all its folklore details - I wonder what next year's project will be?
    Amongst the quirky Railway Modeller articles on my Sidetracked railways / gaming blog post such as Airfix WW1 Railway and Snooville

  2. What a smashing little layout , well done !

  3. Good to see you enjoying your OO9 Layout Joppy- nicely done!

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  5. Stumbled upon this blog by accident - but that is a cute little set. I love the sheep in the middle, and nice use of the Games Workshop models too.


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