Wednesday, 19 December 2018

A Range Re-appears


Way back in May of this year I mentioned the passing of one Pat Campbell, one time supplier of solid recast Britains (and others) 54mm toy soldiers. It came to my attention yesterday, via the Funny Little Wars Yahoo forum, that the range has been taken on and reintroduced under the name of Replica Model Soldiers.
There is a website which is relatively new and (I found) a little awkward to travel round, with many photos still to appear. Andrew, the new proprietor, intends to get the whole range on the go, along with a spares section. Both unpainted castings and painted sets will be available.
 Worth investigation by those of us who have units for 54mm gaming, and to encourage the new owner to persevere. Up top the picture is a page of the pdf catalogue that can be uplifted from the website.

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  1. You have slight typo error in the replica web address above. Thanks for posting this link.