Monday 30 October 2017

A New Museum

I come from Boston, the original one in Lincolnshire, not the Colonial copy this comment usually brings to mind, and although I've not lived there for some 40 years I still consider it 'home' and visit two or three times a year to stock up on Lincolnshire sausages (those supermarket imitations are no patch on the original), haslet and stuffed chine.  There recently I discovered a new WW2 museum recently opened, just outside of town.

This is the We'll Meet Again WW2 Museum, on Shore Road, Freiston. A little way out of town right on the shore line of the Wash and next to an RSPB site, the museum is small, just a couple of large farm type sheds really, along with a café, but well worth a side trip. Though be careful, it's currently only open at weekends except for school trips.

Originally the collection belonged to the owner and his wife, and mainly covers the home front. The main room has displays showing home life, foodstuffs, toys, artifacts, weapons, and other details of wartime life in the County. The second large room is set out as a theatre, where the school trips get talks, and is the venue for the 'Blitz Experience' where a night of bombing is condensed into some 10 minutes, using sound effects and visuals all based on interviews with survivors of such events.

There is a chance, on your own risk, to walk a short way to what was the shoreline (now inland due to post war reclamation) and potter around some original defence posts. The café has a good selection of cakes and beverages to finish off.

The outfit is run by enthusiastic volunteers and very reasonably priced. If you are in the area, and although Lincolnshire doesn't get the attention other counties do it has a long history from medieval times to the Bomber County designation of WW2 it deserves a visit.

The museum has a facebook page, and the above pictures are reproduced with their permission.
Plummers Hotel, Freiston Shore, next door to the museum. Originally the coastline was just behind it.