Monday 11 May 2015

Another Item Ticked off the List

I'm catching up on half-started projects quite quickly now, though I don't have long. MrsJ has requested (told me) that I make a another small cupboard/dresser for use as a changing table for the new granddaughter. That's me in the garage for a few weeks again once we return from France at the end of May. The infantry rebasing goes on apace, a second unit is done and a third 25% done, but here is the subject of todays post.

HMS Exeter patrols the South Atlantic, waiting for the rest of the squadron to join her.

The model is as finished as she's going to be, and is quite adequate for battles out on the lawn. A bit rough when seen close up, so please don't enlarge the picture too far. The above is in modern colour, while below is the WW2 black and white version.Unfortunately, in neither version does the deck to hull colour difference stand out.

The other two ships are under construction now, while the Graf Spee is roughed out.I may be taking them in the caravan with me, though probably won't get any work done on them. (We'll be part of a family group of eight, so I've got to 'socialise'!)


  1. Moving forward on all fronts- well done!

  2. Beautiful model ! Well done, sir.

  3. Excellent water-line model of the HMS Exeter IAN- very well done indeed. Have re-done my Blog-Post and now have a NEW Project- 'The TINKERTON Project'- it is 28mm and based on my own Toy Soldiers- thought You may be interested in taking a look as You have been developing a sort of Imaginations- Crimea theme with Your 28mm Figures. Be pleased if You join my Blog. Regards. KEV.

    1. Thanks for the comment. The rest of the ships are still on the bench as I've been busy with the model railway of late. Your blog looks interesting, and I have joined up. Are you intending to model your own figures?

    2. Yes IAN- I will be sculpting, mould making and casting and painting my own Toy Soldiers in 28mm figures...bit of a delay at the moment with the waiting for delivery of the mould making material (perhaps next week it all will arrive from Melbourne)...I had a 40mm Project going earlier in the year with my own figures- I think that the smaller 28mm will turn out very well indeed and my TINKERTON Project will be just as successful. I was reading some of Your earlier posts and realise that last year was a difficult period for You health-wise - I fully wish You great health IAN and hope You can achieve Your modelling interests to the full. I enjoyed Your story about Your Dad and his Ship and Ship mates Talk again. Best Wishes. KEV.