Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy Xmas to me!

A short pre-seasonal showing of a few items I treated myself to over the last few days. First up is a game I picked up for £2.50 at our local Hospice Charity shop while I was doing some relief cover for the sick manager. An old game I vaguely remember, though I never owned one. I really bought it for the board which will probably find some way of being used in my plans for the Heptarchy games.

Second is some poor photos of some figures from the Discworld stories of Terry Pratchett. While the website quoted them as 30mm, when they arrived I found them to be more of a 35mm average, with Death coming out at 45mm. This one will certainly find his way into my painting schedule, as he should be present, on a suitable basing, on every wargame table! I also have Otto Chreik, the Vampire photographer, Mustrum Ridcully, Lord Downey, the three flying Witches, and of course, the Patrician himself, Lord Vetinari. You can find full details of these and the others in the range, at

Well, I'm busy working on my resolutions for next years projects. How about you? Will they all get done, or even started?


  1. Oh I remember Kingmaker ! but many years since I played it .

  2. I remember Kingmaker too, it was fun.

    Merry Christmas


  3. I'm afraid my old copy of Kingmaker has a few beer stains on it. It is however the only wargame my wife ever played (nothing to do with the beer stains I hasten to add)

    Merry Christmas,

  4. The Discworld Esme Weatherwax II certainly looks fitting for any 18th C. campaign to come!

    Best wishes.