Thursday 12 July 2012

The Naval Side

As things are a bit quiet at the moment on the troops painting front while I have other concerns I thought I'd put up a picture of an ongoing project. This is a small coast defence ironclad based on HMS Glatton. She is about 4inches long and has a single forward turret. I took the drawing from Oscar Parkes "British Battleships" just tracing it straight off the page. There's just a little more detailing to be done and a Victorian paint job. My intention is to have half a dozen or so of these little vessels for use on the grass with very simple rules, which I'm working on now and again. Once she's finished it may be the turn of HMS Hotspur, fixed turret but moveable gun.

One now for 'Chasseur' - I've managed, after a long search, to get hold of a copy of 'The Black Battlefleet' by Admiral Ballard. A detailed look at all the Royal Navies capital ships from Warrior to the 'Alexandra' of the 1880s. Originally published as a series of articles in The Mariners Mirror in the 1920's, my edition is from1980.

As well as giving details and many photos of the ships, the book has pictures of life aboard, and also includes large sail plans of some of the ships, including sizes of masts and yards. Also included are tables of armament and armour, and machinery data. The latter includes the avarage speed of the ship so any gamer could build any differences into his rules.
It was quite an expense, but will be worth every penny eventually. Strangely enough my copy came from Canada.


  1. That sounds like a very useful - if not essential, withal - resource for a fascinating project. Come to think of it, I haven't sufficiently considered, methinks, the naval aspects of the Ruberia-Azuria War of c.1875...

  2. Joppy

    Looking forward to seeing HMS Glatton finished. You've captured the look of her from what I can see. I find it's too easy to get distracted up in details but what really counts is getting the silhouette right.

    I have a copy of the Black Battlefleet, and it is one of my most treasured resources. I first encountered the Ballard articles as a student in the 80s (my uni library had bound copies of Mariners Mirror back issues) and then picked up a copy of the book at a military show circa 1992.



  3. Hey Joppy thanks for posting this. After vacation I shall see if I can aquire this treasured book through an inter-library loan to peruse. Your HMS Glatton is looking good!

  4. The Greens look excellent and I cannot wait to see the cast figures...
    Great naval project you have got there .A fascinating time re ship design and the start of an super model too.