Thursday, 29 December 2011

Building a Volunteer

Attached is a photo of my first conversion for many years. Done mainly to see if I still could, and to see what such a figure would look like. The main parts are a body from Prince August British Guard casting, arms from same, head from Langley castings, pack from spares box (Fort Henry Guard casting) and the rest, (straps, haversack, and much packing of joints) from assorted strips and lumps of miliput. Unfortunately, I know where all the mistakes are, so this chap will be relegated to guard duty somewhere away from the public eye.

Information for the uniform came from a CD purchased from Sean Ryan, runner of the Uniforms Of The World website, who sell CDs covering many varieties of uniform, all at a reasonable price and very easy to use. This is the illustration I used for my figure. (Used with Sean's permission) His website also has an extensive forum section, well worth a visit.

I shall be having another go soon. I understand that Prince August have a mould making service if you provide a suitable master, so if I get a decent figure I might avail myself of that to produce the regiment.


  1. A splendid chap I think...
    best wishes

  2. Joppy, does Sean's C.D.'s provide a rear shot of soldiers uniforms dress etc.?