Monday, 21 December 2015

Cuneo's Mice

Many people have heard of Terence Cuneo, the artist who was famous for his railway paintings, many of which adorned railway stations around the UK. What fewer people know is that, in every one of his paintings was a little mouse, his trademark, if you will, and many hours have been spent trying to find these creatures in the paintings. About 20 years ago I bought a large illustrated book of his pictures called 'The Mouse and His Master', and discovered that Cuneo didn't just paint trains! He did portraits, landscapes, ceremonial occasions, wildlife and military subjects as well. At the back of this wonderful book is a short segment of whimsical paintings of anthropomorphic mice in assorted situations, and, as it is the season for daftness (among other things) I give you these two examples relevant to our interests. The book is worth searching out from inter-library loan, for the pure browsing pleasure.

Colonel Sir Thomas Cerise-Blue Vinney O.G.M
at the charge of Catnip Valley, 1854

Brigadier Sir Terence Vole-Souris
Hero of 'The Traps' and Commander-in-Chief, 43rd Rodent Light Stoat

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  1. I used to work at Lloyd's of London and Cuneo painted large scenes of the underwriting rooms in 1928 and 1958. Their were mice in both, carrying little shields with the Lloyd's coat of arms on!