Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Who's on holiday (4)

After a leisurely breakfast and stroll round the campsite (MrsJ and I like to look at the other vans around, and see how the owners set things up) the group took a couple of cars and went off on a wine tasting tour of 3 'caves'

First up, Veuve Amiot, a large winery with a big selection. The rest of the group spent some time here checking out the various wines, eventually leaving with quite a lot of boxes.

Pat Who - So, bill,  how does this 'degustation' buisiness work then?
Bill Who - People come into this wine makers with the intention of
buying wine, the staff let them taste a small amount of anything they
like the look of, and eventually they choose to buy the one they like.
Or not, if they prefer.  

After a lunchtime siesta some of us decided to walk up the river (alongside it, not in it, we hadn't drunk that much) to visit the chateau, which we heard had marvellous views from the roof.

Bill Who - It may be a short stroll for the big-uns, but it looks a long way for little legs.

This is a small chateau by local standards, but once in it has an interesting display on the history of the Loire being used as a transporter of goods by barge, (the chateau was, evidently, a toll collection centre), and, as promised, the view from the roof terraces (they were hardly ramparts) was spectacular, with Saumur Chateau visible on the skyline to the west.

A stroll round the old town and a little drink at a small bar in square, and it was back to the site for the evening.


  1. Ah! The penny has finally dropped. I now get the Pat Who and Bill Who references. So, far, your holiday looks and sounds like a very nice break from the usual day to day.

    Best Regards,


    1. I could hardly call them all 'Doctor', it would get confusing.