Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ready Made Imagi-Nations

I've been a bit lethargic of late, not able to stir myself to do anything even though I have a list of jobs (both domestic and hobby related) to get on with. A post from Tradgardmaster on his blog gave me a nudge, so today I got into the garage for a bit of woodwork, starting a log box for son number ones birthday at the end of November. So much for that.

During the hiatus I kept up with various blogs and forums I frequent, probably spending too long doing it, if truth be told, and amongst my browsings I came across the following map.

This shows European countries re-dilineated into areas that have equal populations. My first thought on seeing it was "what a basis for a set of imagi-nations". I don't intend to do anything more with it, but I pass it on just in case it may be of use.


  1. Beyond me but fascinating to see where the density is and where it isn't . I wonder if the population data used was recent ? Interesting black whole in the Balkans.

    Thanks for sharing, from someone who has been trying to lose less time to the Web.

    1. Ross, the hole in the Balkans is the countries that aren't in the EU. Also why Norway is left out of the enterprise.

  2. Sucks to be the Celtic Union-split between five different land masses. I foresee a short term alliance between Northland, Anglo-Mercia, and New Saxony on the first turn.