Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Leibster Award

It appears that I have been nominated for one of the latest crop of Liebster Awards. Many thanks to
Mosstrooper at http://tinsoldieringon.blogspot.co.uk and Tradgardmastre at http://tradgardland.blogspot.co.uk .I feel quite honoured that people think my inane and illogical ramblings merit attention, but grateful that they are read. I believe I have to nominate my five blogs now? Difficult. according to my counter I currently have 75 blogs on 'watch', not all wargaming, some are model railways. Some seem to be slightly defunct as there have been no entries for some time.

So, taking these into account, and trying not to repeat those that already have the award, or too many followers to match the criteria, my five.

Army Red/White and Others. http://armyredwhite.blogsopt.co.uk the 54mm blog that got me back into this at the start, so it's all his fault.

The Kingdom of Wittenberg. http://tidders-kingdomofwittenberg.blogspot.co the one I always go to immediately, and one of the ones i'd like to emulate eventually.

I like the things I like. http://ilikethingsilike.blogspot who does amusing things with basic plastic figures and old postcards (not neccessarily at the same time)

Classic Wargaming. http://classicwargaming.blogspot.co.uk that does what it says on the tin.

The Airfix Civil War Project. http://airfixcwproject.blogspot which is a fairly new blog but brimful of nostalgia for those of us who had these figures originally.

I could have listed a lot more, and probably spend far too long browsing than I should. I feel a resolution for next year coming on!

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